My story may be unique but my experience is all too familiar to so many women. I have not followed a traditional path. I never had a boyfriend until I met my husband at 35, got married at 38, started a company at 39, and am now on an IVF journey at 41.

My path is not "normal", but whose is? For so many years I thought I was alone and that there was something wrong with me for not following that traditional timeline. But when I finally began to celebrate myself and my accomplishments, adjust my expectations, and allow myself a future all my own, well, that's when everything clicked.

Now my goal is to help other women avoid the same pitfalls and learn to embrace their own unique life path.

Armed with 16 years of experience as a TV journalist, I speak to women around the world about how to #ownyourtimeline. As a coach I help women find happiness and peace within their life path. And through my experiences I aim to make it clear to everyone that you are not alone.



From free resources to digital courses, keynotes and coaching programs, there's something for every woman looking to own her timeline.

Strength in numbers


There is power in sharing your story. It helps you realize you aren't alone. Our next group coaching program designed for single women begins in September, 2021. 

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Personalized success


Looking for individualized support? Then one-on-one coaching sessions may be perfect for you. Learn more and schedule a free 30-minute consultation to find out if coaching is right for you.

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Sharing our stories


How do you adjust your expectations and embrace the life you already have? Let's share. Book me for your next event.

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